Hi, I’m Inga. I ask questions you don’t like. Why? To bring back your focus, gain new insights and create success.

You can only fix a problem if you face it first.

How do you tackle challenges and take your performance to a higher level? Being very honest with yourself is one of the most important aspects, even if that shows you things you’d rather not see.



  • Your productivity can be increased?
  • You could use some extra help when it comes to the goals you’re working towards?
  • There is no structure in your professional life?
  • You can’t make the best decisions?
  • Stress and anxiety are your everyday companions?
  • You are not good enough?
Yes, that's me

Coaching took me way beyond the outskirts of my comfort zone. I turned answers into the solutions I needed to become better at my job.

Because coaching proved to be so valuable for me, I now want to use this talent to focus on the human part of doing business. As an executive coach I guide executives in reaching their own goals in a pleasant and constructive way.

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How can I help you?

I will help you use the answers to create something that benefits your work. It will be confronting, for sure. That’s why we’ll do it together. With my experience and knowledge and your drive for success, we’ll tackle any problem that might be standing in your way.